11 August, 2008

Visitor from Stockholm

Asplund Library and Delphinium

Inga Lunden, the Director of the Stockholm Public Library is visiting Melbourne on her way to the Australian Library and Information Association's conference in Alice Springs. She is speaking at the State Library tomorrow and to Yarra Plenty staff on Wednesday morning.

Scandinavian libraries have always been considered leaders in public library provision and they enjoy strong community and political support in these countries. Stockholm has just undertaken a major architectural competition to select a design for a new central library that will complement the beautiful and famous Asplund building. The German architect Heike Hanada's proposal Delphinium won the architectural competition for the grand expansion of the library. The plan includes a glass building, which connects to Asplund's library by a low, podium-like structure enclosing a circular garden. A final political decision on the expansion of the renowned library has yet to be taken by the Stockholm City council.

We are looking forward to hearing what is happening in Swedish libraries and learning from Inga.

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