04 August, 2008

Taste of Web 2.0 is underway!

Cr Sam Alessi working on his blog

The online program that shows you how to use some of the very useful web 2.0 tools is now underway, and we already have nearly 200 people signed up! Participants will learn how to blog, set up an RSS feed, load their photos to share with family and friends on Flickr, set up a page on Facebook and ring their friends for free on Skype. All these technologies make it easier to stay in touch and share information.

Cr Sam Alessi, the deputy Chairperson of the Library Board, was the first person to sign up and is blogging at samalessi.blogspot.com. You might have seen his picture in the paper.

The program will remain available for some time yet, but to be in the draw for 1 of 9 iPods, you need to have finished all the modules and completed the feedback form by Friday September 5th - so you've got a month to get going!! It's up to you if you want to pace yourself or do it all in one concentrated hit. Branches are running programs to help people, so if you get stuck, just email connect@yprl.vic.gov.au or visit your local branch.

Good luck with the program - it's great fun to learn new things, and this program is available whenever you want to do it, wherever you want to do it. Get blogging!! And I'd love to hear what you think of it.


Ivan Chew said...

Hello Christine, I'm impressed that Yara Plenty Regional Library is playing an active role in promoting "Web 2.0" literacy. And to have a board member participate!

Christine Mackenzie said...

Thanks Ivan, it was an interesting project and we weren't sure how many people would take it up. We got over 250 signing up and about 50 worked through it and were eligible for the prizes. We've left the program there in the hope that more people will do it at their leisure. I've just visited your wonderful libraries in Singapore, its good to hear how you guys are going.