21 July, 2008

Local media

Marketing & Media Co ordinator Chris Dennis at the briefing

Last week the library service held a media briefing for local journalists. We are very appreciative of the positive and cooperative relationship we have with our local newspapers, which are the most widely read by the community and we wanted to let them know that.

We also talked about how libraries are changing and highlighted some of our new projects, particularly the Taste of Web online learning program. We know that if we get good coverage for our events and activities that many more people participate because of the wide reach of local papers.

Journalists too are grappling with the changes in their world, as blogging unleashes the "citizen journalist" who is not responsible to an editor or an organisation, but is free to independently comment and publish online. Newspapers are also incorporating blogging in their online editions, encouraging people to offer their views on different stories. Web 2.0, the interactive, participative web is really changing the world we live in.

How is it changing your environment? Please feel free to leave a comment.

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