23 June, 2008

Annual Budget and Strategic Plan

Finding My Place project to be expanded in 08/09

At the Board meeting on Thursday night the Annual Budget 08/09 and Strategic Plan 08/12 were adopted.

The aim of the 08/09 budget is to
  • increase collection funding to achieve a 6 year depreciation rate over the next 5 years

  • achieve the outcomes that have been identified in the Strategic Plan and the Service Frameworks
The overall budget increase for the library service is 4.9%. Some of the new projects that will be undertaken this year are:
  • Plenty Reads project, a program to promote reading and share reading experiences, including promotion of local authors
  • Finding My Place, an expansion of the program for at risk students in conjunction with local secondary schools

  • Marketplace of ideas, a new program to introduce speakers and discussion groups to increase community capacity

  • Children's library upgrades to make the spaces more attractive and vibrant
  • Additional pcs for branches, including advanced workstations
  • Digitising local history, especially local photographs.

  • As well as these projects, an additional $42,000 will be available to purchase library books and other resources.
This budget also sees overdue charges rising by 5c to 25c a day, the first increase in 12 years. We charge overdue fees to encourage people to return their library items in a timely manner and so allow everybody the best access possible to our collections. The cost for lost library cards will also increase, to $2.50.

The Annual Budget and Strategic Plan 08 - 12 are both available on the library's homepage.

Let us know what you would like in your local library, we'd love to hear from you.

Children's concept Mill Park Library


pinchies said...

If I could ask for one change my local library (Rosanna), it would be wifi. It has been really handy at the times I've been in the eltham branch, and would be great to see it at rosanna too.

Christine Mackenzie said...

Good news! Rosanna now has wifi, the problem was with the wide area network which is now fixed. Hope you enjoy using it.

pinchies said...