18 February, 2008

Butterflies and Lalor library

Our World Through Butterflies is a very special project undertaken by the library service in conjunction with NEAMI Whittlesea and the City of Whittlesea. NEAMI is a provider of community mental health rehabilitation and support services funded by the State Government's Health department.

The project has been funded through a Community Grant of $5,000 from the City of Whittlesea, as well as some additional funding from local MP Lily D'Ambrosio and NEAMI Whittlesea.

The Project Coordinator is Suzi Duncan, who has worked with another community artist, Siggy Pferfferle, and NEAMI consumers to create a beautiful mosaic art work made up of butterflies to "encompass, reflect and celebrate the indigenous heritage, cultural diversity, and inclusion of all people of all abilities in the City of Whittlesea." (Sarah Poole, City of Whittlesea's Public Art Officer)
The library wall near the children's area has been painted blue, and features 25 butterflies emerging from the pages of a book all made from mosaic tiles. Butterflies were chosen because they are a symbol of freedom and, for the artists involved with the project, renewal.

"We could have made all the butterflies the same shape but they would still have been so different" says Suzi. Suzi is eager to let other Melbourne communities know about the project saying "Art is an invaluable form of expression, a creative outlet for people who may not be confident to speak or write their feelings. The project is an example to local and neighbouring communities that people who have experienced mental illness are able achieve something significant".

For the library, the project has provided a start to continue a valuable partnership and the opportunity of further projects with NEAMI.

This artwork will be acquired into Council’s Cultural Collection. The project will be officially launched by the Mayor of Whittlesea, Cr Elizabeth Nealy and Cr. Kris Pavlidis on Thursday 28 February at 11 am at Lalor library.

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