13 November, 2007

Collection Development Policy

The Library's Collection Development Policy is now available in draft for comment and feedback from our borrowers and community. We encourage you to reply via this blog or email (to ceo@yprl.vic.gov.au) on any aspects of our collection.

The aim of the Collection Development Policy is to articulate the principles that are used in building and maintaining the library collection. While the principles of such policies are enduring, it is necessary to revisit the CDP to ensure that it remains relevant, especially given the big changes that are occurring in people's information seeking behaviours. Where once children came regularly to the library to get materials for their school projects, now they go online and access databases, online encyclopedias and other digital information.

There are four principles of selection that the policy is based on:
  1. We will purchase items that our borrowers want
  2. We will provide a collection which reflects the spectrum of community view points
  3. Parents and caregivers are responsible for their children’s use of the library
  4. We provide informational, recreational and cultural materials in the media of the day

Last year the library adopted a Strategic Asset Plan for the collection, and these two documents form the basis of our collecting and disposal of library materials. The CDP will be presented to the Library Board at the February meeting to be adopted, so we request your feedback by January 31st.


Sally said...

Thank you for the invitation to comment on the YPRL Collection Development Policy. I'm aware that this is not common practice in public libraries, so I really appreciate the opportunity to provide input.

Overall, I think that the Collection Development Policy is very good - the principles are mostly sound and the coverage is broad. I have two comments to make, one that I think is very important, and another that, although less important, still makes a difference to user impressions of the collection.

Firstly, I saw no mention at all in the policy about providing materials for users with special access requirements, such as the print-disabled. I feel very strongly that public libraries should aim to provide reasonable equity of access to information and ideas for all members of the community, including those with special needs. Collections for the print-disabled (eg. large print, audio books, electronic material that can be converted into readable formats, availability of JAWS software and other assistive technologies, etc.) surely require additional equity of access considerations, and I think that it should be described in this policy.

Secondly, there doesn't appear to be any importance attached to providing access to complete book series. This was especially apparent during last year's weeding process when many books from the beginning or middle of book series were disposed of. This is very frustrating for readers who discover a fiction author for the first time and wish to read earlier books from the series, or just further explore their back catalog. I wish to request that some priority be given to maintaining the integrity of book series in the collection development policy, especially when it relates to deselection and/or replacement of missing/damaged items.

Many thanks for the opportunity to contribute my thoughts.

Sally (Rosanna branch user)

yplearning said...

Thanks for your input Sally, it is very helpful, and we will incorporate it into our policy.

Tanja said...

I would simply like to commend the Library for its endeavours to remain relevant to its patrons by purchasing items requested by members, and by striving to stay informed and in touch with the infomation habits of our community.