17 April, 2007

FREE Magazine and Newspaper Databases

Yarra Plenty Library provides FREE access to an extensive range of newspapers, magazines and journals through our major Databases.
Many of the articles are available in Full Text and .pdf which include high quality pictures and diagrams.

Here are a selection of titles found on the ANZ Reference Centre

The Age - 1999+
The Herald Sun - 2000+
Choice Magazine - 1994+
Runners World 1984+ -
Sunday Times _ 2000+
The Australian - 2000+
Geelong Advertiser - 2003+
Wheels - 2002+
Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) - 2000+

Have you ever wondered about that 'article' you saw in Sept. 2006 on Learning to crochet in the Australian Women's Weekly?
Find it Online
What about the Reader Recipe for Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Cakes?
Find it Online

or try ANZ Newstand for:
7.30 Report transcripts - 2003+
Harpers Bazaar - 1999+
National Geographic - 2001+ (currently delayed 3mths)
Lancet - 1990+ (currently delayed 2mths)
Libary Journal - 1996+
and many many more...........

Find out more about our Databases purchased via the Gulliver Consortium
See the list of Victorian Libraries who participate.

Ask your friendly Branch staff to show you the Databases or access them from your home computer.

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