28 March, 2007

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts can save quite a bit of time when we are using the Web.

If you are a Yahoo search user they have developed a neat system to access popular sites. You can even create your own (set up a shortcut to the weather?)
eg. !wiki takes you to straight to Wikipedia

Google does have a its own version of shortcuts:

One of the best ones to use here is the Dictionary: Type the word define: before a word and Google will give you the meaning eg. define: colour

Try some keyboard shortcuts in your Browser:
Internet Explorer
Try these:
  1. CTRL + F opens a 'Find' box to pinpoint a word in a web page.
  2. CTRL + N opens a new Window.
  3. CTRL + Enter added to a single name in the address bar fills in the rest of the URL eg. Just type in yahoo, ebay, imdb, reuters etc. and CTRL + enter (doesn't work so well with sites requiring .au, although sites like ninemsn can be accessed either way)

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