29 May, 2006

FREE wireless Internet!

Your Library Service is constantly improving access to its wide range of Services either within our various branch libraries or Online access from your Home or Business.
Our NEWEST innovation is to Offer FREE wireless connection from Ivanhoe Library.
Just bring in your laptop (or Blackberry) and connect to the Internet.

Wireless Internet has been a great success, with varied and enthusiastic use by students, teachers, lecturers, groups using wireless whilst meeting, tutors assisting their students and business people using the unlimited time in our Welcoming environment and making use of our Meeting Room.

Yarra Plenty Regional Library Service connects people with the library here and beyond!

03 May, 2006

Library Week Approaches!

The aim of Library and Information Week is to communicate and promote the tremendous contribution libraries and information services and information professionals make to educate, inform and entertain all Australians. This nation-wide week combines activities, events, contests, product launches and presentations at national, state and local levels.
In 2006, the Australian Library and Information Association is linking people with ideas @your library®.

Our Community Calendar lists ALL our Events during Library Week 22-28th May.

Law Week Looms!

21st-27th May is Law Week in Melbourne

Problems with noisy dogs? overhanging branches, custody issues, power of attorney, wills?
The Internet is an excellent starting point for Law resources. Come along to Mill Park and Lalor Library and see how easy it is to get started in your research.
Giveaways and useful handouts.
Consult the Yarra Plenty Calendar for our sessions during Law Week.

Travel information.

check out Travel Times on Melbourne's Highways and Byways! at VICROADS.

OR....Take Public Transport?

The Melbourne Metlink website is a wealth of information, including timetables and service alterations!