03 May, 2006

Library Week Approaches!

The aim of Library and Information Week is to communicate and promote the tremendous contribution libraries and information services and information professionals make to educate, inform and entertain all Australians. This nation-wide week combines activities, events, contests, product launches and presentations at national, state and local levels.
In 2006, the Australian Library and Information Association is linking people with ideas @your library®.

Our Community Calendar lists ALL our Events during Library Week 22-28th May.


Chris said...

Hi Library! While I think it's not a bad idea to run a library blog (promote events etc), you really need to make sure you're using the term correctly!

This is not "blogging a comment" this is "leaving a comment". It's pedantic, I know, but a lot of people are. A blog is a weblog, blogging is adding to that weblog, blogger is the person adding to the weblog. Try wikipedia for more info!

YarraBlogger said...

Thanks for your input, we have changed our wording now.