16 March, 2006

Xreferplus Database. Our Website of the Week!

This wonderful Database full of rich REFERENCE at your fingertips, for students, researchers or just anyone with an interest in a huge range of topics (check out the New Wine Lovers Companion!).

REFERENCE Books are listed
ONline CIA World Factbook will give you information like NO Book can......Key Statistics allow you to COMPARE countries by creating your own tables on topics such as: mortality rates, GDP, military expenditure, geographic coordinates, airports with paved runways?? etc.
You may browse the TOPICS to narrow your search (includes images and sound files).
Millions of cross references and a great introduction to:
Concept Map results.
Clustering of results assists you in deciding the path you wish to take. Clustering is a visual way of displaying a bunch of related terms or elements. You may have heard of Clustering search engines like Mooter and Vivisimo who also use this concept.
Please take the time to click on XReferplus and see just what it has to offer.

Commonwealth Games

M2006 > Home
Keep up to date with the latest on competition and the Cultural Festival associated with the Games in Melbourne and Victoria.

New Meta Search engine

4 Greatest Search Engines in the world
So they claim! Try it out, results appear in panes in 4 split screen (tick each Search engine)

Google Language Tools

Language Tools
Search in Specific languages or countries. Translate a word or phrase...or a web page.
Use Google with a specific language interface.

02 March, 2006

Spring into March!


Countdown to Commonwealth Games. Win a Karak at your local library by guessing the amount of medals Australia will win.

Would you like a penfriend? We have established a Penpal Buddy Program with Toronto Library in Canada. Please ask at the desk for an application form (parental permission required)